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A student of cinema, communication, and human behaviour; a natural storyteller, musician and problem-solver; a collaborator at heart.
Grandson of a sculptor, and son of two artisans who themselves had a way with telling stories that got passed onto him through enthusiastic bedtime tales. Traveling the Brazilian coast with his mom for a few years, during his childhood, he met many intriguing characters, always collecting & telling stories along the way, experienced a variety of unusual things, and learned important values he holds dear to this day.


“Through storytelling, my biggest goal is to explore some of the many myths surrounding human behaviour that have been covertly plaguing our civilization for millennia, but doing so very subtly, underneath a rich cinematic experience.” ~Hyuri

Hyuri has always had a fascination with making films. He was a making ofs and bonus materials devourer before the internet and, sometimes was more excited about renting certain movies for the bonus material than the films themselves. Things began to get serious when his curiosity lead him to learning about the history and basics of Speci...

In the words of colleagues

After reading his first screenplay, a then colleague writer had this to say:

“Amazing!! I couldn't stop smiling through every single block and laughed the whole time. It's really, really good! Beyond anything I could have ever written.”





A woman gets trapped in her apartment with an unknown presence. Unable to call for help, her only choice is to face the unknown head on, but this presence may be something far more sinister than she was anticipating.

Tissue is my first ever short film as a director. It's a home movie I shot on my phone at my sister's apartment, with family, no story development, no script or real production, but it's an important one for me because it marks the beginning of my journey as a director. You can think of it as a dress rehearsal for my next, more elaborate project that I'm writing right now and of which more expressively demonstrates my perspectives as a director, writer and overall storyteller.

I chose to start with a little horror film because I knew I could do it with what I had around me at the time.

The main idea behind making Tissue was to demonstrate my potential as a director. But it was also an opportunity for me to fail fast & learn so I could move on to my next film with confidence. If someone out there can see through the cracks of this "production" and open me some doors to really show what I can do with time, a team and proper resources, all the better, but I'm not holding my breath on that, I'm gonna go chase it on my own. In fact, I'm doing it right now, as I've been, in addition to writing my next film, also developing a couple of other films that I'm gonna go make happen soon after.

Additional notes on Tissue:

1. There was no screenplay — all I wrote was a brief shot list and a few action lines in the days prior to shooting;
2. I have a proper, more elaborate idea for a feature based on Tissue.

PENHEAD  watch

A one minute film I directed, composed music for, edited, animated and photographed, during the 2020 lockdowns, as a fun little experiment.

In the end, I decided to submit it to a few suitable film festivals anyway and, much to my surprise, it was selected for a number of them from all over the world, including the Los Angeles Brazilian Film Festival (LABRFF), Cinephone, Penedo's Cinema Circuit, Animated Baixada and One Minute Film Festival.

Had I known the film would go that far, I would have put some real effort into making it, like writing a more elaborate story to begin with.

It was a fun little lockdown experiment, especially composing the music, but I'm glad I'll be focusing entirely on directing and writing moving forward.




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Director  |  Short  |  2020  |  Homemade

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Treasure Quest: Snake Island • Discovery Channel/MAK Pictures

Media Manager  |  Season 1  |  2015

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O Guia Ilhabela

Co-Creator  |  All Episodes  |  2014-2015


Health & Prevention • Sabará Children's Hospital/MOVA Filmes

Co-Creator & Writer  |  Season 1 Episode 1  |  2019  |  Unproduced

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Director, Composer, Editor, Animator, Photographer  |  Short Animation  |  2020  |  Homemade

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AUM • Neptunea/Salga Filmes

VFX Artist  |  Music Video  |  2019


MOVA Channel • MOVA Filmes

Lead Editor, Pipeline Specialist  |  YouTube Channel  |  2018-2019


Addiction • Ilhabela Prefecture/Maembipe Group

Iepe  |  Play  |  2012

A Bontade do Sorbete • Ilhabela Prefecture/Maembipe Group

Benedito  |  Play  |  2012

A Midsummer Night's Dream • Ilhabela Prefecture/Maembipe Group

Demetrius  |  Play  |  2011


IDETRA in details • IDETRA

Editor  |  Promo  |  2021


Editor, Voice Over Co-Director  |  Promo  |  2019

Global Wealth Inequality • The Rules

Translator  |  Short Documentary  |  2013

The Venus Project Support - Brasil

Administrator  |  Facebook Page  |  2013

UMES Ilhabela

Cultural Director  |  Municipal-Level Students' Union  |  2009


Songwriting, singing & playing the guitar

Thinking of ways to systematically improve our society


1997 Starts surfing and gets featured in a surf magazine at age 4

1998 Learns capoeira(yellow belt) and playing its instruments(berimbau, conga drums, agogo etc.) at age 5

1999–2000 Road trips from Vitoria(ES) to Itacare(BA) and back (lived in Arraial D'Ajuda for 6 months)

2000 Goes straight into 1st grade(skipped kindergarten) at age 6

2001 Learns Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu(yellow belt) and starts swimming at age 7

2001–2002 Heads back to Itacare(BA) and lives there for a year among the locals, learning their practices

2005 Road trips from São Paulo to Porto Alegre(RS) and back, catching up with the World Social Forum in Porto Alegre

2006 Acts in his first play

2007 #1 Beginner Optimist Sailor in Coastal Sao Paulo, 2nd in the state  &  qualifies for the Brazilian Championship

2008  Tattoo Artist as his first job, working for himself, buys his first computer and begins his studies in computer science & animation



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Portuguese: Native

English: Mastery or Proficiency (C2) (Native Level)

Spanish: Good at listening and reading; beginner at speaking and writing

Russian: I know the Cyrillic Alphabet and a few words


Young Screenwriters • Writing the Short, with NYU Professor John Warren

Story & Writing  |  2021

Young Screenwriters • Writing the Scene, with NYU Professor John Warren

Story & Writing  |  2020

MasterClass • James Cameron Teaches Filmmaking

Directing  |  2021

MasterClass • Martin Scorsese Teaches Filmmaking

Directing  |  2020

Pixar • Pixar in a Box: The Art of Storytelling

Story  |  2019

eduK • Nude Photography Masterclass, with Photographer J.R. Duran

Photography  |  2015

CreativeLive • Guerilla Filmmaking — An Immersion Into Envisioning, Shooting, and Producing Films

Production Pipeline  |  2014

The Gnomon Workshop • Color Theory: The Mechanics of Color — Applied and Theoretical Color, with Richard Keyes

Color  |  2014

Lynda • Color Grading for Locations and Times of Day, with Simon Walker

Color  |  2014

Lynda • Artistic Color Grading on the Timeline, with Simon Walker

Color  |  2014

Coletivo Digital • Editing with Open Source Software (Cinelerra, Debian)

Editing  |  2011

Azimuth Ilhabela • Introduction to Shooting and Editing for Documentary & TV

Editing & Videography  |  2010

• Select Books I've learned from

In the Blink of an Eye: A Perspective on Film Editing (2nd Edition) • Walter Murch

American Cinematographer Manual (Seventh Edition) • American Society of Cinematographers

Select Documentaries I've learned from

The Cutting Edge: The Magic of Movie Editing

Cinematographer Style

Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker's Apocalypse

Industrial Light & Magic: Creating the Impossible

6 Days to Air: The Making of South Park

• Select Presentations I've learned from

The Robert Rodriguez Ten Minute Film School • BBC 2

The Making of El Mariachi • Robert Rodriguez

Alfred Hitchcock on the 3 Theories of Film Editing • CBC

Directing Annabelle Creation • David F. Sandberg

Select Podcasts I've learned from

The Director's Cut • Directors Guild of America

American Cinematographer • American Society of Cinematographers

Scriptnotes • John August & Craig Mazin

Select Channels I've learned from

Directors Guild of America (directing)

CookeOpticsTV (cinematography)

Hurlbut Academy (cinematography)

KINETEK (cinematography)

John August (screenwriting)

Producers Guild of America (producing)

David F. Sandberg

Filmmaker IQ


Stanford University • Human Behavioral Biology, with Professor Robert Sapolsky
Behavioral Sciences  |  Undergraduate  |  2020

San José State University • Introduction to Psychology - The Science of Thought and Behavior (ps001)

Behavioral Sciences  |  Undergraduate  |  2014

Harvard University • Introduction to Computer Science (CS50), with Professor David J. Malan

Computer Science  |  Undergraduate  |  2019

Harvard University • Web Programming with Python and JavaScript (CS50), with Professor David J. Malan and Senior Preceptor Brian Yu

Computer Science  |  Undergraduate  |  2018

MIT • Introduction to Computer Science and Programming [using Python] (6.00SC), with Professor John Guttag

Computer Science  |  Undergraduate  |  2017

Udacity • Introduction to Computer Science (CS101), with Professor Dave Evans

Computer Science  |  2014

Lynda • The Science of Logo Design — The ARMM Model, with Professor William Lidwell

Design & Behavioral Sciences  |  2017

Udacity • Intro to the Design of Everyday Things — Principles of Design, with Professor Don Norman

Industrial & Product Design  |  2014



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